Change the Data. Change the Rules.
That’s the Magic of Myota.

Myota’s next-generation information protection boosts enterprise immunity and resilience from ransomware, cloud failure, and data breaches.


Next-generation information protection for unstructured data


Restoration ability with reduced data loss risk


Admin-driven configuration and monitoring


Enhanced insight into data and storage performance

Myota protects against critical information loss and business disruption

Exponential information security for your most sensitive data.


Avoid data loss. Easily restore previous file versions. Compatible with immutable storage configurations.


Fully encrypted data shards and multiplex data communication guard against information loss due to brute-force and man-in-the-middle attacks.


High data resiliency and fault tolerance ensures business continuity. Seamless disaster recovery with zero downtime.

The Magic of Myota

Information protection beyond encryption

Myota Shred and Spread
  • Myota provides dual-layer information protection at the user device and across storage environments
  • Myota leverages patent-pending “shred and spread” data distribution methodologies to provide exponential security and resilience
  • Myota uniquely renders stored information useless to attackers, while enabling data and storage restoration capabilities
  • Myota employs an intuitive end-user experience while giving administrators fine-grain control and insight
  • Myota integration enhances existing enterprise DLP and Cloud Storage solutions

Two components. Multiple benefits.
No middleware or backups required.

Simple to integrate. Easy to adopt.

Myota Client

Myota Client

A desktop agent that powers the Magic of Myota. Easy to install, easy to use. The Myota Client makes protecting your organization’s sensitive information simple and seamless.

Myota Console

Myota Console

Fine-grain control through an administrative portal that returns control and visibility. Multi-level configuration, rights management and performance insights in a single location.

  • Exponential Information Security minimizes any transport or at-rest risks
  • Transparent User Interface leads to high adoption and agility
  • Efficient Storage Utilization improves data performance, redundancy, and reliability
  • Lack of Middleware reduces management burden and performance bottlenecks
  • Ease of Integration with EDLP and Cloud Storage Solutions